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Linda Wolfe (1932-2020) was a journalist, essayist, book critic and fiction writer. She has published ten books, many of them about famous crimes, both contemporary and historic. Her newest book, MY DAUGHTER/MYSELF, a wrenching, highly personal account of her 38-year-old daughter's out-of-the-blue, near-fatal stroke and miraculous recovery, was published in June 2013 by Greenpoint Press.

Wolfe's previous nonfiction books are: THE MURDER OF DR. CHAPMAN: The Legendary Trials of Lucretia Chapman and Her Husband LOVE ME TO DEATH A Journalist's Memoir of the Hunt for Her Friend's Killer; WASTED The Preppie Murder; DOUBLE LIFE The Story of Judge Sol Wachtler; THE PROFESSOR AND THE PROSTITUTE and Other True Tales of Murder and Madness; PLAYING AROUND Women and Adultery; THE COSMO REPORT Women and Sex in the Eighties; THE COOKING OF THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS and THE LITERARY GOURMET. She has also published a novel, PRIVATE PRACTICES, several short stories and numerous articles, book and restaurant reviews, and personal essays.

A longtime Contributing Editor of New York Magazine, her articles and essays have appeared in that magazine, as well as in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, and many other publications.

She received an Edgar Award nomination for WASTED , which was a New York Times "Notable Book of the Year."

Wolfe served for many years on the board of the National Book Critics Circle. She also wrote and edited 
a books column for www.FabOverFifty.com.